Saturday, February 16, 2013

Free Indeed.

We can be free.
Free indeed.
Just a thought that's been on my heart recently.
Also, an update from my mind...
I want to go everywhere.
I probably wouldn't like everywhere if I went there.
There are so many things that go into museum work.
I think I'm too nice to be an "academic".
I really like socks.
I really miss theatre.
It's very hard to not eat chocolate when it's in the vicinity and free for the taking.
Whoever had the idea to put a coffee shop in a small college town was a genius.
They're also probably very wealthy.
Despicable people.
"Taking money from bored and stressed college kids since 2010!"
I wish the library here was prettier.
Hard-boiled eggs are the best snack ever.
I am thankful.
Despite my complaints.
Despite it all.