Sunday, July 31, 2011

Buckets Part Two

Eleven through twenty.

Here goes.

11. Sing a duet.

12. Tour Edwalani.

13. Be in a reenactment.

14. Ride an ostrich like Mom.

15. Have breakfast at Tiffany's.

16. Go behind the scenes at Disney.

17. Buy (and WEAR) an adorable fedora.

18. Decorate a room turquoise and white.

19. Wander around an Italian city and get lost.

20. Waste a little money in a Vegas slot machine.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Buckets Part One

Polka Dot was quite inspirational, and I created my own bucket list.

I'm not sure why I didn't do this years ago.

I've got forty-five things so far.

With more to come.

Here's ten.

  1. Serve tea.

  2. Be a bridesmaid.

  3. Plant windowboxes.

  4. Read by candlelight.

  5. Make an appointment.

  6. Ride a horse in Ireland.

  7. Yell from a mountaintop.

  8. Stay the night in a castle.

  9. Make someone believe I got a tattoo.

  10. Watch every movie the Academy has credited with Best Picture.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Ten things I am in love with:

1. Grinding lemons in the garbage disposal.

2. Boys who wear Buddy Holly glasses.

3. Little kids with missing teeth.

4. Friends who bring you pizza.

5. The Secret Life of Bees.

6. Superman haircuts.

7. Re-reading books.

8. Lenny Kravitz.

9. Tennis fuzz.

10. Buttons.

Now then, here's why:

1. It's the original fresh scent. And it's strangely stress-relieving.

2. Because they're adorable. And they usually have a personality that matches their cool glasses.

3. Mostly because my little cousin has this condition right now. And he makes up stories about robots and projectors at age six, so of course I love him.

4. She showed up today with pictures of Chicago, a souvenir for me, and a cheese pizza. What's not to love?

5. One of my favorite lines: "How you have to breathe out and let the human heart be the puzzle it is." This is summer.

6. Because Superman is undoubtedly the best superhero ever. And the only one I'd want to save me if I were in dire trouble.

7. I'm reading Beauty again. And it's great.

8. My favorite song is "You Were In My Heart". And no one but the best uses lines like, "I know not what to do".

9. There's a whole bunch of it stuck to my tennis racket. And it's cute.

10. I bought a canvas purse with yellow birds on it. And then I decided to make it even better by pinning buttons on it. "Jazz It Up at the Dallas Art Museum", ruby slippers, and Phi Kappa Delta, whatever that is.