Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Buckets Part One

Polka Dot was quite inspirational, and I created my own bucket list.

I'm not sure why I didn't do this years ago.

I've got forty-five things so far.

With more to come.

Here's ten.

  1. Serve tea.

  2. Be a bridesmaid.

  3. Plant windowboxes.

  4. Read by candlelight.

  5. Make an appointment.

  6. Ride a horse in Ireland.

  7. Yell from a mountaintop.

  8. Stay the night in a castle.

  9. Make someone believe I got a tattoo.

  10. Watch every movie the Academy has credited with Best Picture.

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mimi ;) said...

You may be a bridesmaid in my wedding, deary!

Heather said...

What a good idea! :D Those are all very attainable and enchanting things to do. ^^ I think I will do a bucket list too. :3

Elyse said...

Mimi: Why, thank you! That would be great fun. What a wonderful day that will be! :)
Heather: Enchanting? I LOVE that word! Thank you for using it on my list. Do share your bucket list!

Relyn said...

Sloane is so excited becuase she was able to mark off four items on her bucket list this trip. I got to mark off two. Spin and dance on top of four states at one time at Four Corners and ride in a hot air balloon. YES!

I love your list. LOVE IT!

Elyse said...

Four?! Wow! It sounds like your trip was wonderful.