Sunday, October 3, 2010

my gift {to you, by you}

Much as I would love to have a picture by my friend Melissa right here, right now, to share with you, I cannot. Alas, my computer is being ridiculous.

What I do have today is a beautiful, sunshiny afternoon. I'd like to share that with you. Alas, I cannot transport you here. So that's out, too...

Oh! I know! I can tell you about the singer at church today; let you hear her beautiful voice...shoot. Can't do that either. Alas, I have no recording of her.

Okay, let me tell you this: it's finally autumn, it's beautiful outside, and I heard someone who has been blessed with a lovely voice.

If you've ever experienced any of those things, call on their memories. It's all I have to give you for now...something you already have.

1 comment:

Jeffrey said...

Her voice was extrordinary, wasn't it? What a great song too. That was a powerful closing to a great service.