Thursday, June 2, 2011


Fifteen things I saw in Washington, D.C., that made me smile on the inside.

bow ties

panty hose

hipster puppets

small black children

small asian children

old men smoking pipes

Catwoman's supercool outfit

dancing in front of the Smithsonian

a lot of frantic interns clutching Starbucks

grown (rather old) men in polka-dot shorts

thirty-year-old men learning how to use Twitter

people who you can tell feel like they are lookin' good

the second after a picture is taken when everyone relaxes

tears of happiness with, "I made it, Mom!"s rippling across a ballroom

watching all the people slowly nod off in their business attire on the train after a long day

{photo credit}


Relyn said...

Oh, I love this list. I love that you were wide-eyed and paying attention. You noticed wonderful, wonderful things. I am so glad you had this opportunity. Next year it will be even better. Yes?

Elyse said...

SUCH a wonderful opportunity! I had a grand time. I certainly hope this will happen next year! That would be fantastic. This trip alone was amazing. D.C. was made for me. :)

Polka Dot said...

Ooh, that sounds awesome. I laughed about "that second after a picture is taken when everyone relaxes". I love that moment! :)

Elyse said...

I know it. It's like they all settle back into being themselves again.