Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mama Lion


Talk about protective.

I'm sure you've seen various examples of mother animals in action.

The slow-mo of the mama attacking whatever stands between her and her precious babies.

I feel that way about many things.

I scare myself sometimes.

Like Pinterest.

Suddenly everyone at school is buzzing about it.

Mind says:

"That's my hour-sucking website! Back off! Stay on Facebook! Let me have my marvel-at-the-awesomeness moment alone!"

Or like the play.

Mind says:

"What?!?! Other people like acting too?! Impossible! I know you'll just mess it up. Let me have my good-memories-fun-times cast back!"

Or even like music.


Something that was made to be shared.

Mind says:

"I'm gonna tell you about this group I like and this song that's stuck in my head all the time. But don't you dare even think about becoming a fanatical-fan-rave-about-them person like me!"

Empty threats aside...

...let me share with you!

  • Pinterest: Love. True, deep love. I've tried a hairstyle I've fallen in love with. It's easy, fast, and cool-looking...all three of those things are hard to come by with my hair.
  • Play: We move from last year's Faith County to this year's The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon: surely the dumbest theatrical performance of all time and space. But it makes people laugh (including me - almost as hard to come by as the hairstyle) so what the heck?
  • Music: Adele. Need I say more? Yes, I do need. I wish she would stop smoking. There, I said it.

Don't worry.

I promise I won't hurt you too bad if you get between me and my babies.

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