Thursday, July 9, 2009

Color in Darkness

Have you ever thought about it? Color is everywhere. Even in black holes, (though some say that neither black nor white are colors, I beg to differ) creation echoes a rainbow of beautiful colors. Some examples of my favorite color-places...
  • The mountains of California. They represent something so majestic, so powerful. Their dark, tall sides, dotted with evergreens and buzzing with life. How beautiful.
  • Trees. We overlook them often enough. The rich green of leaves in spring makes me constantly wish I had a dress that color, though I know full well that the deepness of that green could never be captured in any dye.
  • Flowers. We appreciate the beauty and splash of color they bring. Just seeing a bed of flowers in the middle of a city makes me smile.
  • The beach. The bright, sometimes blinding of turquoise waters, crystal clear and (sometimes) unpolluted by man. The sand, with it's muted colors, is still colorful, and beautiful in it's own way.

Look around you. Right now. See the spectrum God has created for us to live in and soak up.

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