Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do Hard Things

I figured I should let you in on a big interest of mine. It's called the Rebelution. To deny that it is part of my life is like denying that George Washington was a president. The Rebelution is defined as "a teenage rebellion against low expectations." It was started by two brothers-Alex and Brett Harris- who saw the need for a revamping of teenagers today. They wrote a book, which happens to be one of my favorites, that challenges teens to "do hard things," their motto. Doing hard things means doing things that our culture considers tough or strange for a teenager. Their book includes the picture of what our culture has taught teenagers to believe about themselves, exactly what it means to do hard things, and how teens can change our culture if they try-because we are capable of doing incredible things for God's Kingdom. I love their entire mission, and if you've never heard of them, be sure to check them out. Doing hard things has become my goal, and I believe that the message of the Rebelution is one everyone can take something out of, teen or adult. I'll try to publish more about this later.


Relyn said...

Elyse - I completely love my post. When you come over on Monday, remind me to show you the page in my journal where I wrote this sentence, "I need to write a book someday with the tag line - an adults rebellion against mediocrity." I wrote it down in church after Pastor Carlin preached about doing hard things. How cool that we are both thinking about the same issues.

It Is Best To Be said...

Great! I'm so glad you are interested in this topic, too. It's so important. I'm very excited about what this will bring. I'm thinking about writing a speech about it for debate.