Saturday, September 5, 2009

Small Things That Make Me Happy

  • waking up and stretching
  • using a new sponge doing the dishes
  • white dresses
  • buying a soda during lunch
  • charades
  • sunsets
  • getting my homework done at school
  • taking a shower with a fancy soap
  • watching home videos
  • the school supplies aisle at Walmart
  • eating soup on a rainy day
  • old photographs
  • being hugged
  • saying something really clever
  • being there when the ball team wins
  • watching Pride and Predjudice with Mom
  • staying at a hotel
  • standing on a balcony
  • going to camp
  • singing when everyone else is outside
  • seeing my dog, Sundae, with her deflated volleyball

What makes you happy?


Relyn said...

I love this list. You know I do. Here are a few of mine.

~ That cow books now come with fancy covers, but can still be had for 50 cents.
~ spending a whole Saturday at home with the whole family piled up and reading
~ discovering a new author you love. and finding they have already written LOTS of books
~ the movie Penelope
~ Hershey's chocolate bar with almonds
~ family jokes

Megan said...

Hey Girl, i love this! :) your blog is the best!
_ Cuddling in a warm blanket in a big storm
_ Winning big on a tough volleyball match
_ Laughing until i feel like i could just fall over
_ Taking a day just for myself and fixing up really nice
> These are just a few. Hey come check out my blog at

Elyse said...

I need to see Penelope. I've heard so much about it.