Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Epic of Gilgamesh

It's been so long, my friends. I apologize. But here I am with so many ideas! Tennis is in full swing, marching band is, well, marching in (pardon the pun), and I love history! Through some mysterious circumstance, I didn't take history last year...a mistake I regret. I love it! I knew I always loved it, but I just needed to be reminded. History may have passed, but the evidence it existed is fascinating.
We've been learning about ancient Mesopotamia, and their crazy religion. The Epic of Gilgamesh, for example, is considered to be the first book. The stories were Biblical! The Flood, Job, Creation...all of it, with different character names and some twists in the stories that weren't so Biblical. But I got to share with my class the story of Job as the Bible tells it. It was so cool.
Then, another cool thing hit me. One Sunday morning in youth, we were talking about Jonah. Our youth pastor showed us a map from Nineveh to Jonah's destination for running away. The trip would have taken a year in that time period! With all the commercial stops and drop I was thinking he was just taking a quick jaunt across the Mediterranean, when Jonah is running from his life. And lo and behold, what do we learn that week in history? That of the story of Nineveh.
I love connections. It's when you realize that you've heard this somewhere before, that this was in a book you were reading, that that poster was on the wall in your kindergarten classroom, that you get excited. I made the connection, and I was like, "I LOVE this! Tell me more, tell me more!" How neat-o is God?

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