Saturday, December 5, 2009


I was just thinking...surprise! I thought about how our society is so color-oriented. Our living rooms have color schemes, our bedrooms have their own decorating palette. But its not just in our houses. Clothing. Oh, clothing. I love clothes and putting outfits together as much as the next teenage girl, but I realized how much we wear jeans. Magazines, fashion experts, and department stores describe jeans as being a "wardrobe staple", but they're blue. Our colorful society thinks of a rough blue cloth as being normal. We wear jeans with every single color in the spectrum! Oh, sure, there's lots of different colored jeans out there now. We got pink and orange and zebra-striped and holey jeans. But they were originally a burlap-y color, invented by a man out in the West for the hard workers out there. Somehow, they evolved into blue jeans. I just find it strange that when our living rooms wear blue and black and orange together, it's odd, but when we wear them on ourselves, we're styling a staple.

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Relyn said...

That's funny. I never thought about it, but you are exactly right.