Thursday, December 10, 2009

A List

In the spirit of Relyn's post, I was inspired to write my own list. These are things I'm thankful for. And not just oh-that's-nice-life-is-good thankful, but true, deep, heartfelt thanks. Strangely, I made a list already, just a couple of days ago in Algebra II. Hm...what got me thinking about that then, I wonder? :) Who knows. Here we go...
  • I can actually take a class like Algebra II, and I'm not completely confused yet.
  • No one is out to kill me.
  • My parents love me.
  • The Creator of the universe loves me. (This is more than true, deep, heartfelt thanks. Seriously. This is part of my soul.)
  • I have my own space to sit back and relax.
  • There are options in my future; it's not set in stone like others'.
  • My family and myself are healthy and in good spirits.

Okay, now for some oh-isn't-that-nice thanks.

  • My school has less than 500 people in it.
  • I can sit in a house decorated with lights just because, not because I need them to see.
  • The ball team is currently undefeated.
  • I played a song on the piano for jazz band. Without stopping and squinting at the notes.
  • A penny was lying heads-up in front of my locker this morning. I put it in my shoe.
  • I don't have blisters from the penny in my shoe.
  • It's almost Friday.

That's not all, but that's the basics. Excuse me, please, while I go give my mother and father (and even my repetitively-Christmas-caroling brother) a big hug.

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Relyn said...

Hugs are great, this list is great, even little brothers are great. And, of course, giving thanks is way past great. Happy new year, sweet pea.