Saturday, April 17, 2010

Atticus Is the Man

I have finished To Kill A Mockingbird for the very first, but not the last, time. It was required reading, but it didn't feel like it to me. Normal required reading is considered dusty, dull, and old. But this story really struck a chord with me. I don't suppose I'm the first, since it wouldn't be required reading if it hadn't at some point. But, required or not, I loved this book. My favorite character was Atticus.

He's the man.

I sat there reading, thinking, "This guy is so smart. Man, this guy is smart. So smart." I mean, I can't imagine saying things like that off the top of my head! So poignant, yet so true.

Maybe it's just the manhood thing. Atticus is a real man. He is emotional, you can tell, but isn't afraid to hide it. He admits he's getting old. He's honest with his children. He's strong, but doesn't boast it, only using it when he needs to. He does the dirty work. He is self-controlled. He's smart. He knows he's a man.

This is coming from a teenage girl's point of view, but wouldn't it be nice if all men were like Atticus? Stepping up, taking initiative, being men, yet not over-doing it. I'm pretty sure that, if anything, men want to be like Atticus, somebody so respected for the right reasons, deep down inside.


Relyn said...

Not all men are like Atticus, we know. But, there are enough like him to go around. I got one. So did your Mom. The trick is to be patient and wait for him.

Jeffrey said...

Atticus has got to be one of the most compelling characters in all of literature.

Elyse said...

My Atticus is coming, but this one will always be the man. :)