Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Love It

I am in a play. And I love it, let me tell you. I can't get enough of it. Why?

  • The excitement of auditions. They really are pretty great. "Ooh, she's pretty good. Naw, they won't make it. Oh, I did terrible! No, you did just fine. He'd be good as so-and-so..." Nerve-wracking but way fun.
  • The leap your heart gets when you see the cast list. Surprise for some, shock for others. "Guess who I got? Yes, I did! Who are you? Really?! I can't believe it!"
  • Rehearsals. Continuous laughing, line-checking, stumbling, more laughing, bumbling, yelling, and more laughing.
  • Dress rehearsals. "You should have your lines down by now! Speak up! Man, I messed that up bad. Set changes need to be quicker! Um...can you help me with my makeup? This doesn't fit. I hate this lipstick!" One of the best parts.
  • Pre-show antics. It's a secret world of it's own. All kinds of games and laughs and makeup-fixing.
  • The actual performance. "Oh, the audience liked that part. Whoops, skipped a line. Nice job, guys. He's ad-libbing a lot. Wish me luck. Break a leg!"
  • The applause.


Relyn said...

I didn't get to talk to you that night, but the play was absolutely fabulous. Just wonderful!! I can't wait to see you in next year's.

Elyse said...

I'm so glad you got to come and that you enjoyed it!