Friday, June 4, 2010

"happy birthday, dear elyse..."

I was born on the day of my baby shower. I apparently wanted to be at the party. It's also Angelina Jolie's birthday, and exactly one month before the fourth of July. However, these things don't really matter as much as the others that have happened over the years on June 4th. Here's some thoughts (well, really mostly my parents'...) on birthdays past.

  • I hiccupped in the womb. It was a great event for my mother's coworkers.
  • I didn't cry loudly when I was born, like my brother did. (Let me just say, the "loud" aspect hasn't changed much since then.) I whimpered, like a little lamb.
  • On my first birthday, I downed an entire Twinkie when my parents' backs were turned.
  • The sound of the shrieking peacocks mystified me when I went to the zoo at three years old. I guess the goats' tongues, did, too.
  • I had a cake with a Barbie stuck in the middle for a ballerina party. I loved that cake.
  • At one birthday, I made a movie with my friends. There were tater tots, photo booths, and guest appearances. Man, that was fun.
  • There have been tons of wonderful themes my mother is fantastic at planning for. Let's see...sunflowers, carousels, princesses, ballerinas, American Girl, the Wizard of Oz, a tea party, butterflies...

I so love my memories. Happy birthday to me.


Anonymous said...

I was at the one with the movie!! I love reading your's amazing, just like my best friend!!

Relyn said...

Photo booths?? That is SO awesome!