Monday, September 6, 2010

The Love Runs Deep

I can't imagine it.
Getting married, right now, as old as I am.
That's what my grandma did.
She loved my grandpa.
And he loved her.
She still loves him.
And he still loves her.
Grandma, who shoots air soft pellets at squirrels through the laundry room window.
Grandpa, who makes new friends every time he eats breakfast in town.
Grandma, who is always waiting for us in the kitchen when we come to visit, with food that's "almost ready".
Grandpa, who gets more tools for each new odd job.
They've both been standing for Jesus their whole lives.
They're full of stories, character, strength, and love.
My grandparents, whom I love and respect.
This picture was, in a sense, their engagement shot. Aren't they lovely young people?

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