Friday, August 27, 2010

i want us to know...

...that we're all pretty fascinating, when you think about it.
...people who want you to learn are not (fill in the blank).
...someone who's a little different is still worth our time.
...that femininity is not found in playing dumb.
...that manliness is not found in ignorance.
...that breaking rules isn't what true fun is.
...someone will be thinking about us.
...that books are not just for geeks.
..."smart" is a good thing.
...something beautiful.
Sometimes I need to remind myself of these things, too. I tend to see everyone else's issues, point them out, and harp on them in my thoughts. I was the little girl in kindergarten telling the other kids what not to do. Funny, I've befriended those same troublemakers here in high school. But enough about me...that's not what it's about, right? We've all got issues.
At least we get to have them together.

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