Friday, August 13, 2010

make 'em laugh!

Everyone laughs differently.
I look people straight in the eye.
My mother leans.
Dad rarely gets truly tickled, but when he does, he concludes with, "Ah, shoot."
My brother is strange. He smiles big, a lot, but when he laughs, I do too.
My art teacher tears up, or at least rubs his eyes, every time he laughs.
My friend sounds like she's choking, or coming up for air or something.
Another friend airily giggles. It sounds fake, but it's not.
Yet another friend lets out one big blast, then covers her mouth.
An aquaintance has a different laugh every time I see him. He usually sounds like a goat, but it's hilarious for everyone around him. No one cares, and neither does he.
Yet another aquaintance can't talk until the moment is completely over, and even then she might keep on going for awhile.
How do you laugh? I know you've got your own little quirks, because I do too. So tell me.
This picture is of my grandfather John and grandma Bonnie. The Bonnie as in my mother's mother. The one with the brilliant words about doing. See "About the Name". She's obviously tickled here, and leaning over just the way her daughter does.
I love how Grandpa looks impressed with himself. He knows he made his love laugh.

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