Sunday, November 21, 2010

Meet Jacqueline

I'm here! Alive and well!

Slightly disappointed that I neglected my blog for a month and a half, but alive nonetheless.

Since the last time I was here, I received a letter.

Her name is Jacqueline.

She is the little girl who got my Operation Christmas Child box.

The first letter from Jacqueline I received over the summer.

She speaks only French.

Her second letter is as sweet as it gets.

She drew a picture for me using the crayons I sent her.

I'm convinced that she's the sweetest girl in Niger.

And she wrote a poem called "For Elyse".


"Many people have lost their time trying to buy something that can not be bought.

But when they realize the mistake it is never too late to correct.

Friendship is one thing that we can wholeheartedly do even if there are still difficulties to be opposed.

Friendship is a mysterious feeling that can only be discovered by the heart.

The true friendship lies in the sincerity and love."

I cried.

It amazes me that a little girl so far away from me understands something like this so beautifully.

Jacqueline has made me want to be her best friend, too.

Time to write a letter in French.


Relyn said...

Hey, you. I just wanted to stop by and say Happy Thanksgiving. I'll be back soon to read and comment and such. For now - happy Thanksgiving!!

Relyn said...

I love that. I bet you've written back by now. I love your tender heart. Did you notice - you cried. See? We're not so different after all. It's the same emotion behind the tears - moon rocks or girls who speak French.