Wednesday, February 9, 2011

yum and the story

Yogurt-covered pretzels - the babysitter I loved.
Salsa from that little Mexican restaurant - 100% gen-you-eyne.
Lemonade - summer nights.
Turkey sandwiches - the school cafeteria.
Ranch dressing - the old house and the dining table there.
Carrot cake - my birthday forever ago.
Goat cheese - my trip to St. Louis.
Homemade pizza - a random Friday night with my family.
Krispy Kreme doughnuts - Sunday mornings in the Loft at church.
Wendy's cheeseburgers - Wednesday nights in the Loft at church.
Diet Coke - beloved aunt and uncle's house in beloved St. Louis.
Chocolate mousse - American Girl Place in Chicago five years ago.
Fake eggs - camp.
Hot chocolate - blogging.

1 comment:

Relyn said...

Fake eggs??? ICK!

I love this idea though. The way that food takes you back to a memory. Love that.