Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On Pretty Things

Keeping up the spirit of the last post, I got to thinking about the, uh, eyes. Yup. You guessed it.

Pretty lookin' stuff.

The nook upstairs where all major decisions are made, books are read, and things are written me. The shade is a perfect filter of light in the morning.

The coolest jewelry ever...made out of typewriter keys.

"Cracker Crumb" paint on the walls of the living room.

Sundae's ears. In case you're wondering, that would be my dog.

Debate trophies.

My brother's face when he first plugged in the Xbox 360.

Clotheslines in the spring.

Lemon cookie boxes.

Kerosene lanterns.

Paul Newman.

Ireland in general.

Italy in general.

The little icon on my dashboard that says, "Followers".

Rocking chairs.

St. Louis.

My bookshelves.

Old notebooks from seventh grade.

Tennis ball fuzz.

Snow. (It's fallin' in abundance 'round these parts.)

Tom Cruise.

This adorable new blog I found.

Pretty much any old "cowboy" movie.

Octopus necklaces.

Ancient books.

Giant shuttlecocks in Kansas City.

My dear dedicated artist friend's work. (She sends me pictures of everything.)

Clean hair and the 'do that ensues.

Unsliced loaves of bread.

That picture above.


Relyn said...

This is a super-fantastic list. Love it! Of course, not all of us get the 'do you get after we wash our hair. I think God just likes some people better than others. ha.

So who took the wonderful picture?

Elyse said...

The hair is nice, I would agree. :)

Whoops! I forgot to credit the picture - some unnamed individual whose photo I found via Google Images.