Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Hearing Things

The best, prettiest, funnest, most emotion-evoking sounds around. To me, anyway.
  • giggles
  • Australian accents
  • most Bon Jovi music
  • heat kicking on in the house
  • keychains
  • a Mustang engine revving
  • Gene Kelly's tap dancing
  • "Claire de Lune"
  • puffy golden prom dress
  • dangly earrings
  • Dad chopping wood out back
  • any salon
  • the music on A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • "Such Great Heights"
  • GPS voices
  • Wal-Mart greeters
  • theme song of "The Andy Griffith Show"
  • my mother singing show tunes
  • "Amazing Grace" on bagpipes
  • heels clicking on linoleum
  • "Stereo Love." Seriously, accordian music!
  • Grandpa
  • snow


Relyn said...

I love that you love the sound of WalMart greeters!

Elyse said...

Yes...they never fail to make my day.