Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feminism...Sort Of

Feminism is great. Wonderful. Fantastic. Without it, women would still be mostly looked down upon. No voting. No equal pay. No higher positions or promotions.
Perhaps (most likely) you've seen or read Mary Poppins. You know the mother of the children in the story? She's a suffragette. Like, a completely obsessed suffragette. Never home, never caring for or disciplining her children. She's so caught up in the cause that her first duty is forgotten. Now then, here comes my true appreciation for feminism, because so many women risked so much for their rights. For that I'm very, very grateful. But perhaps we forget what a woman's first priority is - being the helper of the genders.
Our culture has told us, ever since womens' rights, that being the helper is bad, very bad. I'm not saying that that's the calling of every woman, but it's what we were made for. And that's not a bad thing. We've bought into that lie and have settled for less, when women should be taking pride in being feminine and the role they therefore play.
I'd like to maybe share that with a few people, through an original oratory speech next year - why it's important to remember to be feminine while being feminist. The speech is supposed to be persuasive. What do you think? Would male judges appreciate the topic as well? Would a woman who is very pro-womens' rights even listen? Would you personally agree with this topic if presented well? Give me some feedback! I'd love to know your thoughts.


Relyn said...

My first thought? Oh, you are brave. I say, go for it. If it's your passion, it will shine through. I would just urge you to be careful of your definition of feminine. Not all ladies can and garden. You know? I sure don't. And, I was once called less than womanly for it. Offended, let me tell you. Anyway, that's me and my thing, but you did ask.

Elyse said...

Yes, I did, and thank you for your input! I just really wanted someone's opinion. I'll keep that in mind.