Sunday, March 14, 2010


Do you know that feeling? The little pinch inside that says, "That's stupid. You're stupid. Why did you do that, stupid person?" Well, I do. I really don't like it that much. Here's an example...
I was walking down a hallway, and truly, I'll admit, I was pathetically trying to look cool, like I had somewhere I needed to be, like I had it all together. Right. Interesting how our conscience works. I'm convinced that it was bored and felt like picking on me. It whispered a little snickering message to my arm, and then to my hand. "Fling the water bottle across the hall!" it said. I hope it had fun. I did, and it worked. To make it worse, the cap on the bottle broke, and the little water that was left went everywhere. "Stupid, stupid Elyse!" it said.
Well, no, I did not succeed in appearing the least bit cool. In fact, I'm sure I looked pretty klutzy. That little pinch had a good time. I didn't.

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Relyn said...

Cracking me up. I do the same thing. Only I do it because I'm a klutz and without much grace.